Abandoned Brothers

Thanks so much to everyone who came to see Abandoned Brothers last month at Chapter. It has been a rollercoaster of a journey. We have been humbled by the determination and strength of the veterans and family members we met along the way. The stories in the final performance were just a fraction of what we have heard over the past three months. We have listened, laughed, cried, at times wondered where it was all going, but what drove this project on was the insistence of our group that theirs is a story which needs to be told. The moment of hearing those stories shared with an audience was really something

Life Story Training

This autumn, we are launching our Life Story Training with support from the Arts Council of Wales and The Baring Foundation. Life Story work is an exciting and creative way of working which celebrates the person and their unique life story. Our training courses will show people how to implement life story work in hospitals, care homes, prisons, veterans’ support groups, hospices, community arts settings and theatres.

A week to go till Abandoned Brothers opens at Chapter

We've got a week to go till Abandoned Brothers opens at Chapter. At the moment it feels about as scary as theatre can get. We're creating documentary theatre. There is no safety barrier of fiction. This is real-life and the emotions our performers are going through are raw and painful. Today one of our performers re-enacted the moment he pleaded with a psychiatrist to help him as he was scared of going home and what he might do