Home from Home
Cartref oddi Cartref 

Home from Home/Cartref oddi Cartref is a 15 minute film, commissioned by the Care Council for Wales and supported by Welsh Government.

The film depicts the emotional journey of a family’s experience of moving a loved one into residential care. It also explores the experience of a new care worker entering the profession.

The film is being piloted across Wales as a training tool for new social care professionals. 

Betsan Jones – Sharon Morgan

David Jones – Mike Hayward

Gareth Jones – Gareth Potter

Claire Jones – Nia Diamond

Mali Jones – Molly Diamond

Sarah Lewis – Carri Munn

Liz Roberts – Anita Reynolds


Directed by Karin Diamond

Written by Alison O’Connor & Karin Diamond

Produced by Re-Live

Camera and lighting
Michael Blackwood Barnes

Dom Corbisiero

Michael Blackwood Barnes

Set designer
Garry Bartlett

Make-up and hair
Eleni Kyriacou

James Clark

Music production
Deri Roberts

Sound supervisor
Dai Shell

Garry Bartlett

Dawn Curtis

Harp music courtesy of Adragante

Thank you to Malcolm, Jill, Barbara and all the residents of Ty Dewi Sant. Marjike Jenkins, Dawn Curtis, Kelly Margetts and all the staff at Ty Dewi Sant. Hafod Care Association and Vale of Glamorgan Council