Thank you to everyone who came to see Memoria in Chapter theatre or watched the performance online. Your help in spreading the word has enabled thousands of people in over 12 countries to watch the show! We have received an extraordinary response to the performance. Thank you for getting in touch to share your thoughts and feelings. We value each and every one of your responses. 

"Never before have I been so touched and so affected by a trip to the theatre. The performance was astounding." 

"I've learnt more about dementia in one evening than in 4 years of medical school" 

“Thank you for a moving, informative, beautifully-staged performance. Thank you to everyone for your honesty & bravery”

"Life affirming, beautiful and sensitive. I loved every second of it"

"Having worked in care for 30 years this is one programme I will always remember watching - thank you!" 

"Immensely moved watching Memoria last Saturday. Incredibly valuable theatre. Humanity shines" 

Click here to watch Memoria online.