Memoria evolved out of a four year period of discovery which began when Karin travelled to Japan in 2010 to research the innovative Japanese approach to dementia care with Dr Yukimi Uchide. She returned full of new ideas, and we, at Re-Live began our journey into the world of dementia.

We spent two months with a remarkable group of people who came together to share their experiences of living with dementia. Our 'Life Story Theatre' approach supported the group to reflect together on identity and memory; fear of change, fear of losing the ones we love, fear of losing ourselves. The group shared stories of lost keys, lost cars, at times, lost hope. A need has been voiced. A need for guidance, strength and support from each other, from society, from the professionals and policy makers who shape our nation’s services. We have been inspired by their honesty, their humour and their determination.

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Memoria was performed in Chapter Theatre on 20th, 21st & 22nd November 2014 to sold out audiences and with incredible support from Legal & General, we were able to live stream the performances across the world to over 4,000 people in 12 countries. 

Re-Live’s Dementia Vision for Wales
We aim to provide creative opportunities for people affected by dementia and their families which can have a transformative impact on individuals, families and the wider community. The challenge posed by dementia is rapidly increasing in Wales. There is a great need for imaginative, high quality solutions and the growing field of Arts in Health can play a vital role in the journey that lies ahead.

Partnership opportunities 
We are looking for partners to work with us on realising this vision. We would welcome approaches from policy makers, the private sector, academics, trusts and individuals. The global evidence is growing that creative approaches for people affected by dementia can increase health and wellbeing and reduce the pressure on the health system and social services. Memoria is the first stage in our vision to achieve this in Wales, but we can only develop this work with your support.