We are really excited about “Belonging” which gets its premiere this week!! Thanks to the Arts Council of Wales support, Karin has been able to spend the last 6 months researching and writing this new piece. She has spoken with many people with direct experience of dementia and greatly appreciates their time, honesty and courage in sharing their stories. The last few weeks have seen the script come to life in the hands of 4 fantastic actors. We are giving 4 pilot performances this week in Cardiff and Llandrindod Wells for an invited audience of NHS staff, carers, artists and people with personal experience of dementia in their family and friends. We are curious and hopeful about how the piece will be received…we will then be focusing on touring this piece around the UK and getting the message to as many people as possible that dementia does not need to remain a stigma. The more we talk about it, the better things become!