Winston Churchill Travel Fellowship 2010

In 2010 Karin was awarded a Winston Churchill Travel Fellowship to research ‘Theatre and memory work’ with older people in Japan. She worked alongside Dr Yukimi Uchide - a leader in the field of creative and reciprocal approaches to dementia care. 

This ground-breaking research continues to influence and inspire Re-Live’s theatre work with people living with dementia through our productions Belonging and Memoria, as well as our dementia training programme Experiencing Dementia.

 “I believe people with dementia can continue to take the lead and live their own lives when we learn their life histories, actively engage with them, and value their brilliance as individuals. I also believe, that despite their condition, they can reaffirm who they are when we value and respect the things that they regard as important in their lives” Dr Uchide, Managing Director, Tenjin-kai Social Welfare Foundation