People Affected by Conflict

“My heart was so stunned I couldn’t tell if it was broken or not”

                                                                              WW1 Veteran, 1914

“I want to bring those 200 thousands, 200,000 who were killed in Syria to London, to Europe. I want you to see them, look to their eyes and feel their loss. I will not leave them dead, I want to bring them to life, to tell their stories, to defend their differences, to convince everybody they deserved to be alive.”

Sara Shamma, Syrian artist, 2014

We want to explore the impact of creative life story work on the long-term wellbeing of people affected by conflict. We want to create a space where people can reflect, share stories and heal. We want to bring audiences in to bear witness to the experiences our fellow city dwellers carry with them. We hope that in the telling and retelling of stories some of the sharpest edges of memory might be smoothed and some of the loneliness of war relieved.

We want this work to demonstrate that we, the people of Cardiff, are compassionate and strong. That we believe no-one deserves to live alone with the trauma of war. That we are all responsible for the world we inhabit. The responsibility is ours, the story is ours to shape.

100 years on from the start of the war to end all wars and our world is as war-torn as it has ever been. In our digital, modern age millions of refugees are roaming lands, searching for their most basic needs. The weight of memory and the shock of war carried on their backs.

We would like to bring together people living in our city who have experienced war from different standpoints and perspectives – as observers, victims, combatants, decision-makers, refugees –to reflect and share their unique perspectives through a range of programmes, private and public.

Together, slowly and carefully, we will tell a collective story which will have many sides and which will invite audiences not just to remember, but to think, question and begin debates and discussions about how we all live with the legacy of conflict, and what kind of world we want for the future.

This is a project in development which we hope to begin in 2016. We would love to hear from organisations and individuals interested in partnering with us on this piece of work.