Growing Old Inside

A collaboration with award winning Geese Theatre Company, leaders in the field of arts in the criminal justice system.

This programme idea seeks to:

  • Test out a new model of creative and therapeutic intervention, by bringing together the existing methodologies of Geese and Re-Live. This process will create an opportunity for reflection and exchange between some of the most vulnerable members of our society: long- term prisoners and long term victims of crime
  • Work with a non-prison partner organisation  such as Victim Support to integrate  a restorative justice element to the life story work– Geese and Re-Live will deliver a parallel life story theatre project with a group of people who have been victims of crime. Bringing these groups together during the process and at performance stage will create a unique opportunity for participants to consider their own life story in a wider context
  • Design and implement a creative programme of life story theatre with long term prisoners in the UK, with an initial pilot project in 2016
  • Evaluate the pilot in partnership with Birmingham University Forensic Psychology Dept with the aim of exploring the impact on wellbeing, hope for the future, acceptance and integration of life experiences
  • To our knowledge this approach has not been piloted anywhere in the UK and we have not been able to find any evaluations of similar projects internationally.  Current provision of meaningful activities for long-term prisoners and lifers in terms of therapeutic  or creative intervention is very limited across the UK.

"Failure to support and manage work with life-sentenced prisoners is leading to an accumulation of lifers in our prisons. National Offender Management Service is making efforts to enable life-sentence prisoners to progress, but the system needs further review to be fully effective and to allow people some hope in their lives."

Juliet Lyon, Prison Reform Trust

This is a project in development.